"Quick-dry fabric"? Sounds important - but what is it? 

Our quick-dry fabric has two jobs:

1. To quickly move sweat away from the inner to the outer surface. 

2. To help spread the moisture across the outer surface so that it can evaporate the sweat faster.

The result is more comfort and functionality for you as the fabric stays dry, light, and feels non-sticky on your skin whilst doing high-intensity sports. Other names for "quick-dry" include moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking fabric. 



How Quick-Dry Fabrics Ultimately Work:

Quick-dry fabric moves moisture (sweat in this case) from the interior to the exterior of the fabric through tiny spaces within a fabric due to the molecular forces between the liquid and the fabric’s internal surfaces, called "capillary action".


Benefits include:

  • It keeps you cool 
  • It's breathable
  • It stays light
  • It's less likely to smell


Our entire movement collection is thoughtfully designed using quick-dry fabric so that you will not only have beautiful yoga wear but also functional garments too. Discover our entire movement collection here. 



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