Story Behind Our Cosy Socks



Because one half of the father-daughter duo is based in Europe,

and European winters tend to become pretty unforgiving, it was important

for us to create warm, affordable and high-quality socks to brave the cold.

Let's get to know the story behind our cosy socks...





When going about designing our essential-socks, we wanted to put a strong focus on using eco-friendly fabrics and work with fellow ethical partners. Secondly, we wanted to create the most high-quality pair of socks that is affordable. Working closely with our Bangkok-based sock-spert, Khun Atchara and her team, we tried and tested different materials and compositions, to achieve the perfect balance between warmth and functionality, affordability and sustainability. Once our kind of ultimate “sock” was approved, the yarns were ordered, our socks knitted, and then our first pair of sustainable socks were born! 



1. RWS Certified Wool

Why wool makes for the best socks?

  • It’s temperature regulating - keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer aka trans-seasonal.
  • It’s anti-bacterial - the natural fibers in wool absorb and desorb moisture creating a dry environment which is hostile to the growth of bacteria and fungus, amongst other things. It’s how sheep stay healthy outdoors all year-round. Amazing, hey?
  • Wool absorbs harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are floating all around us. Whether toxins come from car exhausts, paints, glues, plastics or cleaning products – VOCs are a hard-to-escape fact of modern life and they can have a real effect on allergy sufferers. Wool, however, absorbs these invisible compounds and keeps them trapped in its fibers. In other words, the wool can actually clean itself.
  • Wool is stain resistant – apart from it looking fabulous, wool has a naturally protective layer that repels dirt and water. The dirt sits on top making it easier to clean and care for in the long run. Read our care instructions here.
  • So we chose the most animal-friendly kind of wool that equally respects our planet. Learn more about RWS certified wool here.

2. Lyocell

  • It’s natural - made from natural wood like eucalyptus, oak and birch cultivated from well-managed forests (PEFC certified), it makes it a fantastic source of sustainable and eco-friendly yarns.
  • It’s biodegradable – lyocell takes about 6 weeks to biodegrade. For comparison, your backyard compost heap will completely biodegrade in six months to a year, depending on the conditions.
  • It’s hypo-allergenic - it keeps skin dry, and the smooth surface of its fibres makes it soft to the touch, this fabric is simply perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • It’s soft and silky finish – this sort of texture is key to creating beautiful silhouettes that drape over the foot beautifully and the key to creating the luxury texture of our socks.



  • Our socks are made in another family-run factory in Bangkok, Thailand. We try to keep a close relationship to our suppliers so that we have a clear oversight of our supply chain. Meaning that we can take 100% responsibility, make regular factory visits and ensure good working conditions and social protection at the highest standard.
  • The employees work 48 hours a week. The factory pay 16% of the employees the national living wage, whilst 84% are paid above. The factory complies to International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards. This is guaranteed by SMETA ethical trade audits. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you’re interested in more information about our partner.
  • Supporting locals – since our factory is based in Thailand (one half of our home!), we would like to support small to medium sized factories and create a positive change in the garment industry. We will continue to work and build relationships with Thai suppliers and factories and advocate for climate-positive and social justice. 
  • Reducing carbon emissions – keeping it in close proximity to our family-factory to reduce our carbon emissions due to shorter transportation routes and enabling us to group other garments to our European warehouse.
  • Member of ZDHC – our Thai partner is a member of ZDHC, a group of apparel and footwear suppliers working together to lead the industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals



After production, we attach a branded band made out of recyclable paper. Then, our socks are transported to our European warehouse in paper cartons. By fully eliminating plastic from our supply chain, we can hand over our products to you with much love and leave as little waste behind as possible.



P.S. Prevent freezing your socks off and discover our cosy creations now.